Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sacred Moment ( ruthless trust )

So, here is my first post...I would love to hear comments as to what viewers see and think about this image.

After a reflection of grace received, I remove most of my protective funeral dressing. Only now do I cling to what remains to give me false comfort. As I approach the cliff that will set me free, I pause and attempt to seperate myself from this grace that invites my all to trust God. I begine to remove the remaining funeral dressing and leap into the present moment of trust, still unable to directly look into His wonderful grace.


  1. This piece and the rest that you exhibited at the KILN this past Monday evening, are still ringing in my consciousness. I'll do everything I can to let folks know about your work. Magnus animus! Magnus fidelis!

  2. I am so HAPPY that you decided to start blogging your art.

    I am also very happy that you are not ashamed to show everyone exactly how pale you can get in a Minnesota winter.